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Sponsorship for adult learning

Education in adulthood can be undertaken for all kinds of reasons. Sponsorship most often has a role in work-based adult education, eg in relation to gaining professional qualifications.  

From the recipient's point-of-view such funding can open up all kinds of employment-related benefits - promotion at his/her existing place of work, the potential for learning new, perhaps transferable skills which may be valuable in years to come, a means of updating skills and knowledge in relation to the learner's existing job function, etc.

Whilst quite a wide range of grants, bursaries, loans, etc. are available from the government and from certain charitable organisations, sponsorship typically goes hand-in-hand with the individual's exisiting job or as a preparatory investment by an employer who wishes to enhance the skills of a valued employee.

Adult Learner's Week is a national celebration of


the benefits of lifelong learning and offers organisations the chance to showcase the learning opportunities that they provide.

The organisation's Learning Project awards recognise and celebrate innovative learning opportunities that projects provide and share the positive impact they have on people's lives. They are open to all organisations which provide learning opportunities, including businesses, colleges, family learning centres, local authorities, trade unions, the voluntary and community sector and universities.

The National Careers Service's website's 'Job Profiles' section carries very useful information about a wide range of employment types where sponsorship may be available.

education sponsorship

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