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Sponsorship of academic events

"Events" is a term that covers a very wide variety of activities, of course; and education is so varied in its forms that it isn't particularly helpful to generalise about the sponsorship of events in the field of education.  

Educational events vary in scale from international meetings, such as congresses, conferences, exhibitions and symposia, to activities organised by local schools to support (say) their chosen charity(s) or to raise funds for a specific project, like the purchase of a school organ or an expedition. Many activities may not be directly related to the educational sector per se but have educational aspects that make it appropriate to regard them as "educational".

The education sector includes many individuals who make or influence decisions about expenditure on products or services. So suppliers who sponsor educational events can gain valuable visibility to, and goodwill amongst, these purse-holders. Being seen to reinvest profits made from sales into a part of the education sector in this way can produce real competitive advantage for the supplier by positioning them as the kind of company that the budget-holder would want to do business with.
Sponsorship opportunities at larger events can include anything from taking


ownership by having the sponsor's name in the title of the event to sponsoring some of its constituent parts, such as lectures, meetings or facilities. Often these larger get-togethers also give sponsoring suppliers a chance to "meet and greet" a range of potential clients in a hospitable setting where they can take kudos from their sponsorship investment. Deals can be discussed and even concluded in a convivial environment - so they can be both cost-effective as a way of meeting many individuals and can also enhance rapport with buyers.

Being seen to be a consistent support of regular educational events - both large and small - can bring other benefits, too. But as with sponsorship in other sectors, it is adviseable for the sponsor to refresh their involvement via special initiatives, to avoid being taken for granted.

No sponsor wants their investment to become part of an event's "wallpaper".

This applies equally to organisers of educational events, where new sponsorship opportunities can be offered or old ones re-packaged, both to attract new sponsorship and to reassure existing sponsors that it is well worthwhile maintaining their support for the event.

education sponsorship

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