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Finding sponsorship for your education
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Education sponsorship takes many forms. And sometimes the word 'sponsorship' can, in some ways, mean roughly the same thing as other words such as 'apprenticeship' or 'scholarship'. So don't get too hung up on the word itself ...

What is available to you in terms of sponsorship or other forms of funding will depend very much on your current situation.  

If you are in employment, for instance, it may be that your employer would be happy for you to train to expand and improve your skills. In large companies it isn't always obvious that sponsorship schemes exist - so it's well worth enquiring.

education sponsorAlternatively you might be able to persuade your employer to fund your proposed education or training course.

Getting time off work to undertake training is now a right, for some.

In the UK, for instance, since April 2010 the Time To Train Regulations have given employees of large organisations (ie those with 250+ employees) the right to have time off for training, though in February 2011 the Department for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning decided against extending the right to employees of SMEs (small and medium-sized businesses.

If you are applying to go to university of college, it's well worth enquiring whether the departments at the institutions to which you are thinking of applying offer help or advice about finding sources of sponsorship.

In Wales, information about Welsh medium higher education sponsorship schemes can be obtained by contacting the Centre for Welsh Medium Higher Education (tel.: 0844 800 7375; email; website


education sponsorship

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